Our courses are structured in the 6 European levels of Spanish, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning. Students will be given the most appropriate level after an online test. In the same way, our programs were developed according to the Curriculum Plan of the Cervantes Institute.

Level A1


The student interacts in a simple way. Use everyday expressions, exchange information with short questions and answers, within a clear and concrete communicative context. (DELE A1)

Level A2


The student knows how to express immediate needs. He understands, relates and expresses himself in Spanish. You can describe in simple terms aspects of your life or environment, using a language.

Level B1


The student understands, and is able to express in communicative contexts of his daily environment, topics that are familiar or of personal interest. They concern school and leisure. And it is able to solve problems autonomously. (DELE B1)

Level B2


The student understands and expresses himself autonomously. And it’s able to interact with a certain fluency in general situations, exchanging information. He talks about personal attitudes on topics that are familiar to him or of interest to him. And he discusses his own experiences. (DELE B2)

Livello C1


The student understands and expresses himself in various situations with complex language structures and uses the language flexibly and effectively in both academic and professional environments. Includes a wide range of texts, produces texts smoothly and spontaneously. (DELE C1)

Livello C2


The student understands and expresses himself appropriately in any situation. He can spontaneously summarize, in a very smooth and precise way, everything he hears and reads. He dominates linguistic and cultural elements typical of a native speaker and knows how to distinguish nuances of meaning in all situations. (DELE C2)

Common European Framework of Reference
for Languages

Livello Base

A1: Introduttivo
A2: Intermedio

Livello Autonomo

B1: Soglia
B2: Avanzato

Livello Padronanza

C1: Autonomo
C2: Padronanza