Our Method

The method of Escuela Montserrat is based on a didactic model defined as “glocal”. That is to say, international in scope, but at the same time adapted to to a local reality.through a teaching system that includes the most innovative teaching methodologies aimed at identifying strategies to study the language in compliance with the learning style of each student.

It’s developed on the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), with particular emphasis on the fluency of the spoken language.

The courses are divided based on the 6 levels of the CEFR (common European Framework) ranging from Elementary to Advanced, thus allowing the formation of homogeneous working groups and specific objectives to be achieved. Also available in “Comodo” and “Exclusivo” mode.

Cómodo Mode

Designed for those who need to learn and improve the Spanish language by attending lessons designed for small groups of homogeneous level, based on interactions between members through practical activities, then rediscovering the pleasure of studying together and having the opportunity to deal with a new language.


Exclusivo Mode

It ensures a direct and exclusive approach with the teacher, allowing you to deepen the areas of interest of the student. It also provides maximum frequency flexibility and the achievement of customized objectives based on your needs.